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decor online

You need Decor online service  if


  • You are planning a DIY makeover in your house, and need professional re-planning and furniture layouts

  • You have bought an apartment in good condition, and you just need professional design directions in selection of furniture, soft furnishing, lighting fixtures and accessories

  • Your house doesn't need a makeover, part of the furniture has been bought already, however, you feel the interior lacks something, some final touches to feel like home

  • You family situation has changed - the kid is born, kids have grown up, new family members came, and you need to update the interior to meet new demands, without drastic makeover

  • You are going to renovate just one room - change kitchen cabinets, or rebuild the bathroom  

how it works

Send us  photos and measurements of your space. Discuss the brief: tell about your wishes, demands, budget, style preferences, etc. We communicate via email, What's App or phone

We propose different variants of re-planning and furniture layouts describing all the pros and cons of each choice. They are discussed and refined till they are just perfect for you


furniture layout.jpg

After that we start choosing all the elements of the design scheme - from furniture to accessories. 3d collages are presented at this stage. After the submission of the collages we prepare 3d photoreal visuals


staircase design by Albina Alieva.jpg

what will you get

  • Re-planning technical drawing

  • Furniture layout

  • 1 - 2 collages/ sketches for each room

  • 2 - 4 photoreal visuals for each room (if ordered)

  • Shopping list for all the chosen items

  • Online consultation during implementation


         decor per room     € 223           

one meeting (Moscow)     € 56              

   measurements +meeting    € 112                 

             3d (if ordered)      € 6 per sq m         


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