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Three-bedroom apartment in Moscow


An apartment in a beautiful condo "Vinogradny" for a family with four kids. Eldest two kids live separately while yungest two boys of 10 and 11 live with parents.

The Mediterranean interior chosen by the clients for most of the rooms fits perfectly the house's architecture and exterior.

However, industrial elements are used for the kids' part of the apartment as more suitable for teens.

The apartment feels biophilic, cozy and spacious thanks to use if natural finishes, lots of wood, plenty of built-in storage and thoughtful layout.


Two-bedroom apartment in Moscow


An apartment for a working mom with two girls of 8 years old.

A separate kids room is allocated to provide a spacious working place for girls.

Scandinavian interior is chosen as a base for the interior to create light stylish home.


Two-bedroom apartment in Moscow


An apartment in an old house in the Moscow center for a family with two daughters. 

The aim was to improve the layout constructed in 1990s, provide spacious kitchen with large countertop, a bedroom with a walk-in closet and create a sophisticated contemporary interior.



Studio apartment in New Moscow


A tiny apartment, just 22 sq. m. in total has everything needed for comfortable living: a kitchenette, a living room with a convertible sofa, large built-in wardrobe and a bathroom with spacious shower cabin and washing machine. 


And as a bonus - a beautiful view from two windows observed from the countertop - sill adjusted along the wall with windows.



Townhouse in Saburovo park condo

(Moscow region)


A townhouse of 154 sq. m for a family with three young children. The hostess' business is a handmade Provance decor. That is why lots of places are envisione to display constantly changing collection.

Two rooms with separate playing area are provided for kids. A den with two working places is envisioned for working parents. Lots of built-in storage and a laundry room make the house comfortable for such a large family.



House in Aprelevka condo (Moscow region)

Two level house with basement for a family with 1 kid. The brief was to create a comfortable contemporary interior with Art Deco element for the family and frequent guests.

The open space of the family room and the kitchen with the access to the terrace is perfect for long conversations with friends. The bedrooms and the den are located on the second floor.

The high ceiling in the kidsroom allowed to contruct a mezzanine with a bed and a reading nook.



One-bedroom apartment in New Moscow


The aim was to create a light and airy interior for a young woman in a newly constructed house.

Thoughtful layout provides plenty of built-in storage, a walk-in closet with a laundry space, fully equiped kitchen and bathroom, and a bedroom in such a small space, while the chosen colour range makes the interior look much bigger. 



One-bedroom apartment in Krasnodar, Russia


A tiny apartment for frequent business trips of a business lady. A remote project. A light and airy open space in a Holliwood regency style. A large kitchen with a breakfast nook and a bar stand is perfect for meeting guests. A king-size bed in the bedroom makes a statement and a large built-in wardrobe provides plenty of storage space. Overall colour range is calm and soothing, an escape from the hectic outside world



Log house in the Moscow region, Russia


It's the second design project with the clients. A one-storey 4- bedroom weekendhouse with an attic for a three-generations' family with two girls and grand parents and for their friquent guests.
An open space comprising of a living room, a kitcen and an entrance hall and all 4 bedrooms are decorated in an eco-friendly and cosy chalet style. Plenty of wood, use of only natural textile, versitile lighting system provide a comfort retreat and a gathring place for a large family.



4-bedroom house in Kaspiisk, Russia


A house for a beautiful family with two children. Remote project - via telephone, email and skype. We also participated in searching and fine tuning the architectural project.
A large and airy space for a hospitable family with their numerous friends and relatives, comfortable for parties and gatherings. Burst of colour, lots of light and air, a well considered layout  - all these make the ideal home for such extraordinary people


2-bedroom apartment in Moscow, Russia

An apartment for a young family with two beautiful girls. 
The family room is divided in two zones - the sitting and the playing. A convertible sofa serves as an additional sleeping place for the overnight guests.
The bedroom is sooth and calming, the pattern on the bedcover is repeated for the wall coverings. A neatly organized walk-in closet provides plenty of storage and enables to live the bedroom's space uncluttered. A versityle lighting system adjusts to the client's needs.


The designer's apartment in Moscow, Russia



A colonial interior with ample of space for books and the collection of traditional Kubachi silverware.
A compact yet comfortable apartment for the family with four kids. The living room connected to the kitchen is a hub of family activity. Combination of bespoke and handmade furniture, use of traditional colours, oriental details and vintage elements make the interior feel cozy and inviting. 



A 2-bedroom apartment in Moscow, Russia


The actual size of the apartment is rather small. However, it looks spacious and airy, thanks to the replanning and extensive use of light colours. Contrasting elements, such trims and some of the furniture, use of sumptuous textures add drama and interest. Versatile lighting system enables to create different illumination scenarious.
Both bedrooms have a walk-in closet,a generous working area by the window, the bathroom is large enough to include the washing mashine and the tumble dryer.



The final design project for the FdA degree award


The brief was to create a luxurious
contemporary interior with fresh and feminine feel, provide plenty of thoughtfully organized storage,
flexible lighting scheme using high quality materials and furniture.
The design is developed to meet all the client's requirements to include a separate office space, a
formal dining area, plenty of neatly organized storage and beautiful cabinets for the collection of
wedding hats and shoes. Well considered walking paths, compact furniture and mirrored walls make
the home feel spacious and airy.


A two-bedroom apartment in Moscow


An apartment for a family with one kid. An open layout was created in order to enlargen visually a rather compact space. This also enabled to provide a large master bathroom,  a powder room, and a walk-in closet in the master bedroom.
The colours used for the public zones are bright and cheery, a more subtle pallete is chosen for the bedrooms.




A two-bedroom apartment in Almaty, Kazakhstan


An apartment for a family with two girls. Almost all furniture is bespoke. A small walk-in closet is provided in the girls room along with a loft bed, sports corner and a working place by the window.
A sunroom was organized at the balcony with a cozy banquette, round table and indoor plants. 




A one-bedroom apartment in Moscow


An apartment for a student. An example of a Light design project -  collages were ordered instead of 3d visuals.
Light and cheery interior with elements of mid-century modern spiced with posters by contemporary artists from Austtralia and Sweden and English wallpapers



Commercial projects in Kazakhstan, USA and Russia


Проект офиса продаж компании, занимающейся продажей золотых монет и слитков


Проект типового филиала банка


Проект типового офиса продаж микрокредитной организации

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