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furniture layout

Need a professional re-planning and furniture layouts for the DIY makeover?

Send us  photos and measurements of your space. Discuss the brief: tell about your wishes, demands, budget, style preferences, etc. We communicate via email, What's App or phone

We propose different variants of re-planning and furniture layouts describing all the pros and cons of each choice. They are discussed and refined till they are just perfect for you

Перепланировка в хрущевке

what will you get

  • Site survey and design brief

  • Re-planning and furniture layout development

  • Client design pack to include:​

        1 Dimension plan

        2 Demolition plan

        3 Re-planning plan

        4 Floor plan after re-planning

        5 Furniture layout​


  • Online consultations - unlimited

   Cost: from $690 for a project


        6 Electric plan

        7 Lighting plan

        8 Lighting plan with dimensions


​   Cost: plus from $400 for a project

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