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гостиная в ЖК Barrin House дизафнер Альбина Алиева




about albinadesign

I have dedicated more than 10 years to creating harmonious and functional interiors. Every project for me is an opportunity to transform an ordinary space into something special, combining beauty and practicality. From remodeling to detailed furniture layout, from carefully thought-out electrical plans to the final decoration touches, I give importance to every detail.

My work is based on attention to your wishes and preferences, transforming them into reality, taking into account all the nuances of modern design. I believe that good design not only pleases the eye, but also makes life easier, making every day more comfortable.

If you are looking for a designer who knows how to listen and create unique, thoughtful solutions, I would be happy to help you. Let's work together to make your home not just beautiful, but truly yours.

Albina Alieva interior designer




Living room

Diana Pogosyan

The work done is huge, everything is worked out in detail, drawn, with precise notes to each drawing...  It is comfortable to communicate with Albina, when we had questions, we always had options to choose from, with explanations...


Peter Shumilov

From the very beginning of my project Albina could completely understand me and my preferences in design. Even though the initial layout was tricky, we’ve decided on a great final variant, and I got detailed room plans, electricity schemes, furniture lists, communication plans, equipment and accessories – all up to the last detail...


Elena Fedakova

It was a recommendation of a friend and I did not regret it. Everything was clear, within the agreed time, all wishes were taken into account, all the necessary explanations and recommendations were provided. The pack of drawings was complete and understandable. A bright and very positive person

family room

Lev Bronshtein

The thing that my wife and I liked initially Albina as a designer for our apartment was the fact that making designs for families with kids was her specialty. After all our working together, I recall only very positive memories and experiences on the matter. All the time of the project Albina has been online and answered rapidly whenever I had any questions...


Maria Simakina

Albina knows how to listen to the wishes of the client, without imposing her own preferences ... Albina provides support to her clients directly at the stage of the design project realisation and willingly advises builders on issues of interest.  This is very valuable, believe me...



Full design project

  • Site survey and design brief

  • Measurements by the specialized company using professional equipment

  • Re-planning and furniture layout development

  • Collages/ sketches with the links to all the chosen items

  • Detailed full client design pack (2 printed A3 copies) to include:

        1 Dimension plan

        2 Demolition plan

        3 Re-planning plan

        4 Floor plan after re-planning

        5 Heating fixtures

        6 Floor plan with floor finishes

        7 The plan of floor plinth mounting

        8 Reflected ceiling plan

        9 Lighting plan

        10 Lighting plan with dimensions

        11 Lighting references to the specifications

        12 Electric plan

        13 Furniture layout

        14 Doors' specifications

        15 Sanitary fixtures layout

        16 Elevations for all the rooms

        17 And other necessary drafts

  • Full client specifications  - the table indicating all the chosen materials, electric appliances, sanitary ware, doors, furniture soft furnishing and accessories to include links to manufacturers, product codes, dimensions, and quantity

  • Detailed briefs for bespoke furniture

  • Online consultations - unlimited

Cost: from $63 per sq m 



  • 3d photoreal renders

Cost: plus from $15 per sq m

Furniture layout

  • Site survey and design brief

  • Re-planning and furniture layout development

  • Client design pack to include:

        1 Dimension plan

        2 Demolition plan

        3 Re-planning plan

        4 Floor plan after re-planning

        5 Furniture layout

  • Online consultations - unlimited

Cost: from $690 for a project



        6 Electric plan

        7 Lighting plan

        8 Lighting plan with dimensions

Cost: plus from $400 for a project



Tel: +7 985 426 43 98

SP Albina Alieva

PSRNSP 319774600498893

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